Athena Fleisher

Athena is the Nuru International Healthcare Program Strategic Advisor. She has spent over a decade working in international public health and community development in seven countries, after serving with the Peace Corps in Guinea. Athena exercised her MPH and MBA to work in the fields of international public health, disaster risk reduction, microfinance, and social business creation. She is committed to creating supportive environments to help others live healthy lives and develop their talents.

Nuru International is a social venture working to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas of resource poor counties by working with smallholder farmer families to overcome challenges in food security, financial shocks, health and literacy. Sustainability is a top priority for Nuru and is addressed in three ways. Financial sustainability – in making programs lean and creating a for-profit business, East Africa based Nuru Social Enterprises, to fund the non-profit’s activities. Leadership sustainability – Nuru goes in with an exit plan and co-creates programs with local leaders, building a foundation of leaders as the basis for impact. Impact sustainability – comes with the combination of local leaders who own the programs from the beginning and the holistic evidence based practices used to design the graduation model.